Healing Touch, a type of energy therapy utilizing gentle touch to enhance and facilitate health of the mind, body, and spirit, is based on the idea that humans are made up of energy. This energy is believed to have an effect on healing, as imbalances and disturbances in the body, mind, or spirit may block its natural flow.

Qualified professionals can incorporate the Healing Touch method in the attempt to help those they are treating restore harmony to their energy by stimulating energy fields in the body through touch 

Issues treated with healing touch:

Healing Touch has been widely used to treat a number of of physical and emotional concerns. It is a complementary therapy, designed to enhance traditional treatments rather than be used as a cure. As such, it has been widely used in the medical field, in diverse settings including nursing homes, hospitals, private practices, and hospice facilities. It has been used to treat pain, cancer symptoms, post-operative recovery, cardiovascular disease, and endocrine dysfunction. 

Healing Touch is also often used in the fields of psychiatry and psychology to address concerns such as anxiety, stress, and posttraumatic stress. Recipients of this therapy approach have also reported experiencing a deeper sense of connection to the spiritual self. 

Individuals who are wary of traditional medical or psychiatric treatment and who desire an approach placing less focus on “disorders” or “diseases” and offers alternative paths to healing may also find Healing Touch effective. However, because the method is intended only to complement other approaches, not serve as a cure or sole treatment method, practitioners of Healing Touch may still encourage these individuals to incorporate other treatments into their care. 

Many individuals who have participated in Healing Touch sessions before and after certain medical procedures report experiencing a shorter period of recovery and/or healing than expected.